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来源:http://www.tianxincnc.cn/ 发布时间:2021-08-02
山东断桥铝门窗设备厂家受环保大检查的影响,供应层面外协加工点的断链,造成机加工、钣金、喷漆、喷塑、加工件表面处理等环节不能按期供应。这是一场大洗牌,整顿不规范的小作坊、打价格战、搞投机倒把的小企业。而且,环保整治对生活也是非常有好处的,一片蓝天白云,一口健康的好水,让人们生活更宜居,更具幸福感! 对于我们的断桥铝门窗设备市场,经过这次环保风暴后,会发生哪些变化呢?
Affected by the environmental protection inspection, the chain of outsourced processing points at the supply level is broken, resulting in the failure of supply on schedule in machining, sheet metal, painting, plastic spraying, surface treatment of processed parts and other links. This is a big reshuffle, rectifying non-standard small workshops, price wars and small enterprises engaged in speculation. Moreover, environmental protection is also very good for life. A piece of blue sky and white clouds and a healthy and good water make people's life more livable and happier! What will happen to our broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment market after this environmental storm?
The number of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment manufacturers will be less and less, and those with scale will be more and more powerful. What is the experience of furniture in broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment factory?
1、 Door and window equipment will tend to be more standardized and orderly
The reason why some door and window equipment manufacturers are shut down by environmental protection is that the environmental protection procedures are incomplete and do not meet the national requirements. Then, through this major rectification, a number of small enterprises with disorderly development and vicious competition will be overthrown.
Driven by such enterprises, the door and window equipment market will tend to develop healthily, and the market atmosphere will be much better than before. We are no longer lower than whose price, but better than whose things. Many door and window equipment will pay more attention to the effect of new product R & D and user experience.
2、 Broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment is bound to rise in price rationally
We often say that the price of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment is mostly unreasonable. Because the price sold ten years ago is still this price ten years later. During this decade, China's prices have risen several times. In contrast, in the door and window equipment market, the price has basically not risen. The prices of all raw materials and supporting facilities are rising. In addition, the cost of environmental protection is bound to rise as a whole. This is also a very normal thing. Don't panic, the general trend!
3、 The brand advantage of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment is more obvious
After the environmental storm, the outstanding door and window equipment manufacturers with several brushes will remain, so the competition will be more intense in the future. Whoever has high popularity will have great influence, and who can stand at the highest point. Therefore, a brand of door and window equipment will usher in a business opportunity. This is the inevitable return after insisting on investment!
4、 The broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment products with high quality and added value are more competitive
They will be elite troops in the future, so if you want to stand out in the competition, you need to make efforts in product quality and added value. The so-called publicity of product materials and functions is a thing of the past. Consumers will not pay for it. They will pay more attention to the value of the product.
未来销售门窗设备就是卖一种文化、一种情怀、一种感觉。这就要求你的产品会讲故事,有韵味,具备超 高的附加值,让人无法拒绝。因此,哪些注重产品质量,做工精细,融入文化底蕴的门窗设备生产厂家,将会更具市场竞争力。
The future sales of door and window equipment is to sell a culture, a feeling and a feeling. This requires your product to tell stories, have lasting appeal and have ultra-high added value, which people can't refuse. Therefore, those door and window equipment manufacturers that pay attention to product quality, fine workmanship and integrate into the cultural heritage will be more competitive in the market.