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Because of the influence of the external environment, the linear guide rail of the door and window processing equipment is easy to be rusted. Industrial aluminum processing equipment corrosion is mainly caused by two reasons: one is the metal corrosion of bearing itself, the other is the corrosion of East and West elements. The metal corrosion of linear guide rail itself accounts for a large proportion. Due to the special reasons of working environment, it is impossible to prevent rust in many times. Especially when the climate is hot, the operator's hand sweat can also form linear guide rail corrosion. This is because when the human sweat contacts the bearing, it will produce sweat film on its surface, and the salt in the sweat on the metal surface will reflect with the metal, causing corrosion.
What aspects of linear guide rail will be affected by metal corrosion? 1、 Surface brightness; 2、 Chemical structure and composition of metal materials; 3、 Solution composition and pH value of metal surface.
In addition to the linear guide occupation, the use of that kind of grease is about 70% of the grease used in high-speed wire mill bearings. Because that kind of grease uses lithium white which is soft, light and difficult to filter as thickener, and mineral oil as base oil, it is very difficult to know the demand of lower oscillation value of deep groove ball bearing with low grade.
However, due to the use of mineral base oil, that kind of grease is in addition to rust removal and anti rust function of some physical and chemical goals. Such as bearing life can only reach 200 hours, linear guide common problems. When the starting and working torque are tested at - 20 ℃, there is no problem. The use temperature of this kind of grease is generally - 20 ~ 120 ℃. When it is used at a high temperature above 150 ℃, it will cause the appearance of excessive transpiration of the base oil and severe flow, which greatly shortens the service life of VAV linear guide rail.
At present, the equipment using fine bearing is becoming more and more refined. The grease used to promote linear guide must have the following functions:
(1) It has the same working life as the linear guide rail, delays the maintenance cycle as far as possible, shortens the downtime and improves the labor productivity.
(2) When DN > 5 × 105 high speed to ensure that the motor temperature rise is low, do not throw oil, and then reduce power consumption, maintenance of the motor.
(3) Its purity content control is under a certain standard to reduce the pollution of equipment noise.
(4) Under the premise of ultra-low temperature work to ensure the smart start and work of linear guide, NSK linear guide common problems. Ensure low output power. The cleaning of the removed deep groove ball bearing can be divided into coarse cleaning and fine cleaning, which are respectively placed in the container. First, the metal mesh is put on the bottom, so that the bearing does not directly contact the dirt of the container.
Rough cleaning, assuming that the linear guide with dirt rotation, will harm the rolling surface of deep groove ball bearing, about to be careful. In the crude cleaning oil, use the brush to remove the grease and adhesion. After roughly cleaning, turn to fine cleaning.